Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Teaching kids about good and evil in American politics

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  I’m up in Seattle with family, including my young niece, Jackie, and nephews Joey and Jamie, all under the age of 12. They’re bright, curious and aware kids, and we (their mom and dad and I) tried to explain to them why yesterday was such a dark, evil day in America’s history. I refer, […]

Whose America is it, anyway?

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  I was driving on I-5 through far northern California and southern Oregon over the weekend, changing the station on my car radio for something to listen to on that lonely stretch through the mountain passes. Found some decent rock out of Medford and Salem, but otherwise, pretty much all Christian radio and rightwing shock […]

Will Trump’s base tolerate firing Mueller?

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  So now Trump is threatening Mueller with some sort of undefined consequences if Mueller, as special prosecutor, dares to investigate the Trump family’s finances. I doubt if even the president’s most fervid supporters think that Donald J. Trump has been honest and above-board in his business affairs. You don’t need a weatherman to know […]

The Wall Street Journal as a non-recovering addict

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  Did you ever know a drug addict or alcoholic who hit bottom and swore they’d seen the light and would never do it again? Then you see them a day or two later, and they’re drunk or stoned and out of their minds, as if their previous promise had been a dream. It makes […]

Democrats must NOT allow Republicans to repeal Obamacare

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  It looks like TrumpCare is dead, thank goodness, although judging from its resurrection in the House a few months ago, you never know if it will rise from the grave, Dracula-like, to haunt us again. Still, I welcome this latest blow to Trump’s agenda. Anything that slows him down and frustrates him is good […]

A tale of two scandals: Why Trump is different from Clinton

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  It was exactly 30 years ago that a gossip named Linda Tripp, who had worked in the George H.W. Bush White House, began secretly taping conversations she had with her young friend, Monica Lewinsky. That quickly led to a situation in which Democrats were caught in much the same bind as Republicans today. Back […]

Which yellow-dog Republicans should be indicted in Trump-RussiaGate?

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  If you’re a Republican these days, your job is to stand by your man. You know that Trump is bad news: repugnant, morally irredeemable, pugnacious and personally repulsive—an old man you wouldn’t let get near your daughter. But none of that matters if you’re a Republican. You have a grim job to do, and […]

My political values and how I got them

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  My earliest political values were shaped, naturally enough, by my parents. I don’t recall either of them ever talking to me about politics, or why they were Democrats; but the Democratic Party pervaded my childhood, like the aroma of corned beef which frequently wafted through our Bronx neighborhood, and of all Democrats, one name […]

The investigations: A Rashomon ending?

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  The defense of Trump, his family and surrogates, is that they were so inexperienced and, frankly, so incompetent that they didn’t know the right way to handle things, like that controversial offer of dirt on Hillary. If we’re to accept this argument, nobody in the campaign understood what was right and what was wrong, […]

Talk about strange bedfellows: the Tea Party’s love affair with Russia

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  The funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a lifetime of watching politics is far-right Republicans telling us how much they love Russia. In May, for example, pro-Trump white supremacists (their description, not mine) marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, chanting “Russia is our friend” and “blood and soil,” a slogan the Nazis used during Hitler’s time. […]

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